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How to Turn on HP PCs in Safe Mode?

When you are having a problem with a Windows computer, the initial step to troubleshooting is to knock into Windows’ Safe Mode. Safe Mode is an easy, stripped-down version of the operating system, containing only the most important files and drivers. Go through the below steps to know How to Turn on HP PCs in Safe Mode. If you need any further assistance, then contact HP Number. HP has skillful engineers who are present to solve your issue in the finest way so that you can perform your task without any distraction.



Guide for Entering Safe Mode in Windows


  1. According to your operating system, perform one of the following.
  • Windows 10: Find and open Recovery options.
  • Windows 8: Find and go for PC Settings. Click on “Update & recovery”, and then click on “Recovery”.
  1. In the Advanced start-up, click on “Restart”.
  2. Click on “Troubleshoot” on choose an option screen.
  3. Click on “Advanced” option.
  4. According to your operating system, do one of the following.
  • Windows 10: Click on See more recovery options, and then click on “start-up” Settings.
  • Windows 8: Click on Start-up Settings.
  1. Click on “Restart”

The computer will restart, then another start-up Settings screen opens displaying a list of different start up options.

  1. Select the Safe Mode option you want from the start up Settings menu.
  • Hit the F4 key to enable the Safe Mode. Safe Mode starts Windows with a nominal set of drivers and services.
  • Hit the F5 key to enable Safe Mode with Networking. Safe Mode with Networking allows Windows in Safe Mode and gives access to the Internet and your network.
  • Hit the F6 key to enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt. Safe Mode with Command Prompt allows Windows in Safe Mode with a Command Prompt. Normally, only IT professionals use this mode.
  1. Sign in to your computer with your proper account name and password.

The computer will open in Safe Mode.

  1. When troubleshooting is completed, exit Safe Mode by clicking on Start.
  • Click on Power, and then hit Restart.

The computer will start generally.


Get in touch with experts for Further help


Get in touch with experts to turn on HP PCs in Safe Mode and you can also overcome HP Laptop Slow Startup problem.  Professionals will guide you in the best way possible and try to sort out the issue as soon as possible.

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How to fix poor quality printing issues related to HP printer?

While printing any document through HP printer, you get faded or streaked printouts, colored or black ink not printing, printouts with blurred or fuzzy text, ink smears or streaks, or other errors. All these printing quality issues make you more annoying. When you find that the quality of a document or photo printout is not up to the mark in your printing device, you need to follow below steps or you can dial HP printer phone number immediately.

Use genuine Ink Cartridges

The printer manufacturer strongly suggests that HP printer users should use real ink cartridges or toner supplies for top quality outputs. If you are using HP’s cartridge, you should go for the next step.

Keep your printing device inactive for some time

Often, errors related to printing quality may be resolved by keeping an HP printer inactive for half an hour. If the error continues, you need to go for the next step.

Replace Ink Cartridge if needed

Normally, a printing machine displays a warning message, if it is running out of the ink. It indicates that the cartridge needs a new replacement. Even though you have a new cartridge and encounter, “low ink” warning”, it can be a cartridge malfunction. Check carefully, if you need to replace the ink cartridge.

Clean Surrounding areas of Nozzles of Ink Cartridges

You need to do it when the printout has track marks or smeared text. You will obtain the steps on the manufacturer website or in the user manual. In such case, the testing print comes out clean, go for the next step to resolve HP printer issues.

Clean out the Cartridges Automatically

The quality of printouts can be affected badly if ink cartridges are congested, therefore you need to clean cartridges many times in order to restore the quality. You can clean up ink cartridges with the help of printer software. Then, you can give a command for a print. In the case, it has the acceptable quality, your printing machine is working correctly.

Thereby following all these above steps, you can resolve poor quality printing issues related to HP printer. Still, if you are facing this error, again and again, you can call HP printer support number to get connected with printer experts to get complete technical guidance.

Source: http://hpprintercare.hatenablog.com/entry/fix-poor-quality-printing-issues-hp-printer

HP Wireless Printer Setup

Your HP printer should support at least HP auto wireless connect, WPS, HP wireless setup wizard and USB setup of wireless. If your printer support one of the above method and you are not able to connect it then get HP Wireless Printer Setup help from certified experts.

Clean an HP Deskjet Printer to Get Good Printouts

HP Deskjet Printer is one of the most amazing and latest printing devices, which is mainly used for various printing purposes. This type of printing device is well suited with your printing needs and budget. If you print the documents for your business daily, you should perform regular maintenance to keep your printouts sharp and clear. Dust and dried ink can block the ink nozzles and cause stripes or blank spaces on the paper. HP Deskjet Printers works from starting point that clears out the dried ink from the cartridges that may take away dots or missing lines on your printouts. If you get ink streaks after printing process, you will clean up the cartridges to eliminate any external debris. To clean up HP Deskjet Printer, you can get quick HP Live Chat options from certified printer experts.



Manual Cleaning of HP Deskjet Printer


  • Turn on HP Desk Jet Printer and open the cover. While the ink cartridge goes to the heart of the printer, disconnect the power cable and pick up the cartridges out of the printer.
  • Set the ink cartridges on a piece of paper. Wet cotton swabs with water and freeze out any excess water.
  • Clear out the edges just about the nozzle plates on the underside of the ink cartridges.
  • Don’t lay a hand on the copper contacts or nozzle plates with the cotton swabs.
  • Clean out the ink cartridge crib in the printing machine with cotton swabs.
  • Enable the ink cartridges and crib to dry before replacing the cartridges.
  • You can close the printer cover and connect in the power cable.
  • You can give a try to print a test page to confirm that the cartridges were reinstalled properly.

Automatic Cleaning of HP Deskjet Printer


  • You need to click on start and “all programs”. Find out HP Deskjet printer in the list and click it to open the printer menu.
  • Now click on HP Deskjet button on your desktop or in the task bar.
  • You have to click on “printer services” button and click “Clean the print cartridges”. Click “clean” to clear out the printer and print a test sheet.
  • Observe the test sheet and click, “Done” printing quality is fine. Unless, click “Intermediate clean” to perform a deeper clean.
  • If the printing quality is good, click on “Done” and click on “Prime”. Check the pervious test sheet and click, “Done”.
  • If the printing quality is very poor after intermediary cleaning, you may replace the ink cartridges.

All these steps are very helpful to clean up HP Deskjet printer appropriately. In addition, you can fix HP printer not printing error easily with the help experts. Printer experts are smartly known for solving this error correctly.



Source: http://hpprintercare.hatenablog.com/entry/clean-hp-deskjet-printer

Reliable Steps to Setup an HP Printer

Unboxing HP Printer and setting it up becomes difficult for the new users who has recently bought an HP Printer from the store or has ordered online. But their difficulties may convert into an easiest form once they go through this blog post. The top-most technical content writer has written the all procedure of setting up HP printer. HP Printer Assistant is also the path where you can receive entire information related to your HP printer query. It is the software application kind of service provider where you may get assistance completely without putting any effort.



Most of the users prefer HP Printer device for their office and home premises because it is the best printing solutions and offering ultimate features. With the help of HP printer, one can scan, fax, print and perform so many different official tasks instantly. The print quality is good and clearer. But sometimes, you may encounter glitches which may stop the printing task to perform. That point, you are required to stay tuned with the deft connoisseurs as they are ready all the time to handle your nasty problem.


Efficacious Steps to Setup an HP Printer


Don’t go anywhere else if you are unable to do set up HP printer in your home or office. Just, follow the below given procedure to complete the steps and set your printer to print. Have a glimpse on the noted points:


    • Unpack the printer from the plastic bag and remove all the tape provided in the box
    • Now take the power chord, plug-in one end of the chord back and the other end to the wall outlet. After that press “Power” button
    • Take the ink bottles in your hand, lift the ink tank lid up and then remove the ink cap. Now, fill the ink into the tank with various colors. Keep the ink bottle in right and store it in a cool place
    • Close the tank lid. Now, install the printheads
    • Remove the print heads from the package. Open the front door and the carriage moves to the center
    • Push down to open the blue carriage latch and slide the print head until it sets in the place.
    • Once the both print heads are installed, push them down firmly
    • Close the print head access door and front door as well
    • Pull out the input tray and slide the paper with the guide out. Load the plain white A-4 size paper and adjust it into the paper tray
    • Also pull out the output tray and the extender
    • If you get to see 'P' blinking on the control panel, then press the resume button for 3 seconds. Once the blinking letter 'A' appears printer will print alignment page which is necessary for the printer setup.

If the above written steps are unable to be understandable by your own, then make direct connection with the well-educated and highly qualified technicians at HP Printer Support Phone Number. And for that you should only put a ring on our provided helpline number and communicate with the techies hassle-freely. They will sort your trouble out within a pinch.

Source: http://onlinehpprinterrepair.blogspot.com/2019/01/steps-to-setup-hp-printer.html

How to Switch HP Printer from Portrait to Landscape Mode?

By default, printers are set to print in portrait mode. However, printers can print in portrait or landscape mode. In portrait mode, the printer prints pages that are 8.5″ wide and 11″ tall. And in landscape mode, the page is turned on its side. The Landscape mode may be useful if you are trying to print a spreadsheet. So, avail HP Support from the deft connoisseurs and get some ideas of making changes in the page orientation. The techies are highly experienced and have enough technical knowledge so your query will be resolved within a quick possible time.

Basically there are two possible ways in changing this setting to landscape mode. All these two methods are mentioned in this blog. So, don’t take tension, just read-out this blog carefully and grab ideas related to this changing process. Our technical engineers have put much effort in making you understand the whole procedure. Therefore, ignore all the task and perform only the following steps.


Steps to Switch Printer from Portrait to Landscape Mode

Go through the given solutions, you can definitely switch your worksheet to landscape. Let’s blink your eyes here:


  1. Change Mode in Page Setup

Switching portrait to landscape can easily be done in the Page Setup section. So, do it by following the below step:

  • First click on the “Print” button and then go to the “Page Setup” or “Preferences” option
  • Now, change the page layout to “Landscape”
  • Once you change it, you can view the “print preview” to confirm if Landscape mode is being used


  1. Change Mode in Printer Settings

Follow the below points one-by-one:

  • Go to “Start” button and click on “Control Panel”
  • Now, go to “Devices and Printers” option and hit on it
  • Find your printer that you are using and give a right click on it
  • Select “Printing and Preferences” and find the option “Orientation”
  • And then change the option to Landscape to set the printer in that mode
  • Now, press “OK”

Once you follow the above-written steps, you will be able to change your HP printer from Portrait to Landscape Mode. But in case, you are still unable to do that, make an instant call at HP Printer Support Number. After that, your call will be answered by the top-most technicians who are working hard to troubleshoot all your hurdles.

Source: http://onlinehpprinterrepair.blogspot.com/2018/12/switch-printer-from-portrait-to-landscape-mode.html